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Registration Information

A Membership form must be completed for each new student enrolled with the appropriate membership fee. The Membership Fee is $25 per person or $40 per family. All family memberships discounts must be immediate family, and reside or live in the same household during registration. The yearly Membership fee for returning students is $15 per person $30 per family. It is recommended to pre-register for your classes A.S.A.P.! Each class has a limited enrollment and will be closed when filled to capacity. To help you calculate the appropriate amount and apply available discounts please call the administrative office at (215)236-1300. Checks should be made payable to CEG Performing Arts Academy or Cristina Elena Guzman. Memberships should be done in person during regular office hours (Monday – Friday 4-8pm).


WEEKLY PAYMENT PLANS are available for all classes which students are enrolled.

MONTHLY PAYMENT PLANS are available for all classes,  which students are enrolled in year-round. The first and last month's tuition is due upon registration along with the appropriate membership fee. Monthly tuition is due by the 1st day of each month. A 7-day grace period is allowed before a 10% late fee is applied. An additional 10% late fee will be applied for each month a payment is overdue thereafter. CEG Performing Arts Academy does not mail monthly bills. Students receive a tuition statement with payment amount and due dates upon registration. Tuition remains the same whether is a long (5-week) or short (3-week) month, regardless of absences. Late student registrations who are accepted will be prorated.

REFUNDS / EARLY WITHDRAW: Refunds are not given for any paid tuition plans. In the unlikely event a student needs to withdraw early, a class drop form must be completed to close the account and thus, prevent further billing. A student's absenteeism does not affect tuition payments. Accounts will only be closed with a completed class drop form and will go into affect from the date received.There are No Refunds on student withdrawals. If at any time you need TO WITHDRAW FROM A CLASS YOU MUST NOTIFY THE OFFICE IN WRITING, THIRTY DAYS PRIOR TO CHANGE. You will be financially responsible for all class fees regardless of attendance or withdraw. We do not give credits or refunds for any missed classes.

CLASS TRANSFERS: CEG Performing Arts Academy does allow students to transfer into another department or class. Pre-paid tuition is credited from the date transfer papers are filled out at the administrative office. The credit amount must be used immediately and is only available towards the same student. No Refunds Given.


MONTHLY  DISCOUNTS: All paid in full Monthly classes receive 20% off.

FAMILY DISCOUNTS: Students receive discounts for each matched child for families enrolling 2 or more children.

PAYMENT DISCOUNTS: Receive 20% off full payment for 12 weeks of classes(Fall/ Winter/ Spring Sessions) all year round.

REFERRAL REBATE REWARDS: Each time CEG Performing Arts Academy receives a new registered student through your word of mouth advertising, YOU RECEIVE ONE FREE CLASS every time! The registered student must write on the registration form your name as the referral, or you can accompany the new student upon their registration.

DISCOUNTS cannot be combined.

The greater discount will be used on each account.

Other Optional Fees

RECITAL FEE: $125. This is a mandatory fee if you are in the show. --  Each student is required to pay a $125 Recital fee to cover the cost of tickets and programs for each show (Fall, Winter, & Spring Sessions). This fee will provide them with 10 tickets per show and a Quarter page Picture Ad in the program book. This fee may be paid in full at the time of registration or for your convenience in five installments of $25 due every other week for 12 weeks for each school session.

Showcase Costume Fees: Ranging $25 to $150 per student. This is a mandatory fee if you are in the show. - Students who participate in the recital, will be required to purchase one costume per class. The studio will order costumes 5-6 weeks prior to the recital date. Cost of the costumes is subject to change but is currently estimated between $25.00 - $70.00 each. A $25.00 costume deposit (per class) is due at the start of classes and the remaining balance is due 4 weeks prior to the recital date. Once a costume has been ordered, there is no refund or cancellation. No costume will be ordered until full payment is received. Depending upon the costume design, you may be required to purchase additional accessories such as tights, bows, or other accessories.

Tee Shirts: $15 - Each year at the close of the Annual Student Showcase CEG entire student body fills the stage for the Finale. Every student participates in this event in an Annual Student Showcase tee shirt. The cost of the tee shirt is $15. This is a mandatory fee if you are in the show. This is an optional purchase.

DVD Video : $30 - Each year the Annual Student Showcase is videotaped by a professional videographer. CEG does not make any profit from this video. It is solely provided as a service for you to take advantage if you wish to do so. The cost of the video is $30. During our recital Video Taping is not permitted. This is a mandatory fee if you are in the show. This is an optional purchase.

Showcase Pictures: estimated $15 to $40 depending upon package purchased - This year’s Showcase photographs will be taken at the studio. Picture packages must be paid for at the studio on picture day. CEG guarentees customer satisfaction. Any customer who is dissatisfied with their pictures shall be reimbursed in full upon returning the photographs. This is a mandatory fee if you are in the show. This is an optional purchase. All fees are non-refundable.

Classes Offered

Vocal Instruction (Private & Group)

Acting School (Private & Group)

Dance School (Private & Group)

Modeling School (Private & Group)

Music School - Piano / Guitar / Drums (Private Lessons)

Video & Music Production (Private & Group)

Pageant Training (Private & Group)

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