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CEG Performing Arts Academy is a unique youth development program committed to providing high-quality performing arts education, community entertainment and an appreciation for the cultural diversity in our world. The mission of CEG Performing Arts Academy is simple: "…to inspire those we touch—students and audiences—through the performing arts." Our vision is to nurture the spiritual and economic growth of the people of Philadelphia and the surrounding areas by increasing access to cultural, global, vocational, technological and civic learning through the arts. Our primary goal is to develop and deliver the highest standards of performing arts education, integrating the perspectives of diverse cultures of the world and instilling:

  • Confidence

  • Collaboration skills

  • Creativity

  • Conflict resolution skills

  • Communication skills

  • Citizenship skills

 In order to accomplish its mission, CEG strives to: Provide intense, quality learning and performing opportunities in the production and performing arts. Provide an atmosphere of learning where young people are encouraged to set goals, take risks and view mistakes as an avenue for learning.

 Provide students with access to a staff of professional artists who serve as mentors and teachers. CEG students are encouraged to commit to a high level of self-expectation and are taught to appreciate their artistic efforts and accomplishments, as well as the efforts of others.

Create awareness that the arts are a constructive vehicle for personal expression, reflecting the past, present, and future visions of all people. Demonstrate to the public the high level of performing and production arts skills that the students are capable of achieving when given proper training. These skills are demonstrated through students’ participation in recitals, concerts, plays, and a major musical production.

 CEG students benefit the most: When they try a variety of classes. While a student may be tempted to focus her/his class schedule in a specific discipline, it is better to acquire a diverse arts background and to become a well-rounded performer and/or technician. A broad understanding of performing and production arts can help artists realize their creative goals. For this reason, we encourage students to enroll in a variety of performing and production arts classes.

CEG Academy is Growing: It takes a cast of thousands to keep CEG Performing Arts Academy going and growing, and there’s an important role for everyone! Whether you take on a role of student, corporate or individual contributor or volunteer, your time, ideas, and effort makes a difference for CEG and in the community. The most valuable role in the CEG cast of thousands is YOU, the Student! Each season over 100 students participate in the many programs of CEG. No Experience is Necessary. That’s why we are here to teach them everything they ever wanted to know about the performing arts. They will have fun in a relaxed, enthusiastic atmosphere, learning alongside other students of their age and skill level. Under the direction of professional artists and teachers.

Sincerely, Cristina Elena Guzman

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